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this isn’t exactly a bucket list. but things i wanna do in my life before i die. i will edit this post on any other day .. to cross or add things. my goal isn’t to finish all points on the list but just to dream and to work on the one or other thing. it is never wrong to have a goal

this list is un-sorted. just like the points crossing my mind.

travel* in general.
.backpacking (2010)
.backpacking around the world (!)
.except for backpacking around the world i want to see: munich | san fransisco | new york | tokio | new zealand | dehli | honululu | barcelona | lissabon
.backpacking around the world (!)
.safari in africa

professional / career*
.to take a drawing course
.to redesign freaktv. web and blog.
.to win a design contest
.exhbition with my own illustrations
.to finish my designstudy in london
.to work for a snow-, surf- or skateboardmagazin
.to work for roxy, billabong, vans or a brand like these.
.to illustrate and paint more again.
.get back to freelance work

.own a sewing machine
.to crochet/knit&sew more again

.wanna learn to surf
.diving (2010)
.bungee jumping (2011)
.to swim on a float
.go diving again
.to swim with dolphins

.learn different languages: french (refreshing) | spain | arabic (start. 13.09.2010) | japanese | thai
.doing a thai cook course in thailand

just for fun*
.a polaroid camera
.to get twins .)
.to get a tattoo
.to buy an old vw bus

.see my dad more often
.to help my dad
.forgive. really to forgive.
.to get rid of my ED *almost
.to find the mister for life *maybe

.to enjoy the little things in life again
* to move to hamburg // in a flat with my mister*


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