hello. my name is jessie and i am a freelance illustrator. artist. screen- and graphic designer.

this is my little space where i share my love for art and design with you. i love a lot of things and have no favourite artist or designer. you also can take a look at my own art and work on my portfolio. and i’ve opened my own shop on DaWanda a while ago. so spending most of my free-time drawing sketches for greeting cards, bags and paintings. or crochet.

*** if you like my work you can buy (and support me) also here: society6.com/freaktv *** dawanda.com/shop/freaktv ***

my heart is full of wanderlust and i travel around the world with my backpack (german travel blog BUNTERwegs) – especially (south east) asia. for short travels i love road trips with no planned route and city trips.

i love baking. cookies, cakes, bread, … but no time at the moment. hope to share some yummy food with you soon. nevertheless, i love cupcakes. milkshakes. a nice cup of tea. or coffee (but at the moment i love chai latte with lemon-ingwer)*

i love vintage furnitures, decor and dresses (mostly 50s) and i am obsessed with beanies.

also great are nerdy retro things like a game boy, tetris, super mario // fantasy (the hobbit and lord of the rings are constant companions since my childhood) // cute things like kawaii or nice children illustrations // plush toys – especially sheeps are awesome!

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